Redesign of the 350m2 italian office for Melty Group.

Industrial atmosphere yet dynamic
The office settled down in a former ceramic italian factory, in the south-west of milano. Therefore we tried to input to the project the melty spirit despite keeping alive the original building. We kept the 5.5m height and bare metallic ceiling and beams. Then we added the game of few boxes, creating spaces for meeting room, TV studio and closes office. Theses 3 boxes plays with colors and transparency, also with shapes since some of theme are stacked and offers cantilevering to create a more human scale space.

The Rainbow
After opening a new office branch in Milano (Italy) and soon in Brazil, we set up the concept of "The Rainbow" which is mainly a 24/7 video projection connecting the two countries visually together allowing collaborators to communicate easily, creating one working space, despite the geographical boundaries.

Unified Architecture
As melty is successfully expanding nowadays, we take the decision to design an international theme for all the upcoming working places, The concept is based on Developping a design identity for Melty`s working spaces providing similar atmosphere for all collaborators despite their location whether they work from Milan, Paris or Brazil.